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4 Ways to Get Plant Protein as a Busy Mama

This post was sponsored by OLLY Nutrition.  All opinions are 100% my own and I only partner with brands I truly love. Thank you so much for supporting my blog!

Between work, kids, blogging and personal lives, it’s hard to balance it all and more often than not, thinking about my health falls to the wayside. Raising two tiny humans can be quite a task leaving me feeling depleted at times, usually when I’ve forgotten to eat or fed my body junk.  So I’ve partnered up with , a leader in the vitamin and supplement industry, to bring you 5 ways to get enough protein and nutrients in your body while living a busy life.

While I still partake in my husband’s infamous “cheat day,” we are very conscious about what we fuel our bodies with. This isn’t always an easy task figuring out what we need on a daily basis, how to get enough protein, and nutrients, etc. I love sharing great finds and things that make our lives easier, so I am excited to discover OLLY and share it with you, lovelies!






Plant-based-eating-4As a mama, it’s so important for me to fuel my body with the good stuff and the right nutrients. My husband Matt has always been great at taking vitamins and supplements, but I just can’t handle swallowing so many pills at once. Having a powder form like ,  that I can make into a smoothie, has been SO helpful. OLLY also makes these really delicious multi-vitamin gummies too for mama and another version for kids!

In addition to getting the proper vitamins, protein is very important as well. Since 20% of our bodies are made up of protein, it is an essential macronutrient to help every cell in your body function properly- so adding plant protein into your diet is a smart mama move!

If you’ve read my posts before like this one, we are raising our daughters vegetarian. As parents, we would like to practice what we preach, so we’ve been working to switch to plant based eating completely as well. As we’re learning what it takes to be on a plant based diet, products like OLLY make it so much easier to make sure we’re still getting the necessary protein and nutrients as family. Below I’m sharing 4 ways to get plant based protein in your life with a busy schedule.


plant based eating

Plant based eating

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4 Ways to Get Plant Protein as a Busy Mama

1) Smoothies- We love This is such a quick and easy way to get protein with a busy schedule, and the one we find ourselves relying on most.  I love to add frozen fruit into our smoothies, especially for the ones I make for my daughter using their She loves the taste and it makes me happy knowing she’s getting nutrients and protein at the same time.

2) Beans, Lentil and Other Legumes- Beans contain 13-22 grams of protein. You can put them on salads, add them to yogurt, blend in sauces, or eat them as a snack. You can also blend them into your OLLY smoothies for some extra protein. We love edamame, black beans, and lentils. When we have time, we usually make lentil pasta with spinach, and another favorite dish is burritos using black beans and shredded almond cheese on whole grain wraps.

3) Nuts- They are so good for your heart. Almonds, Hemp, Chia, and Walnuts are excellent sources just to name a few. You can blend nuts into your OLLY smoothies as well making them extra creamy!

4) Leafy Greens– Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, etc. Also things that can be added to your OLLY smoothie for an extra protein boost!

You can shop any of the OLLY products ! And I also recommend checking out their blog for delicious recipes like chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie, mocha chip breakfast ice cream, protein packed breakfast cookies, mocha chai smoothie bowl, protein packed pancakes, and so much more! Seriously, so much good stuff!!

Thank you for following along! Your support means the world to me, lovelies!! xx Nicole


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