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This Lovely Life Travels: Top 5 Places in Sydney, Australia

Top 5 favorite places to visit in:

Sydney, Australia

  1. Sydney Opera House

Okay, of course the Sydney Opera House is on my favorite’s list. Maybe I should just list the Sydney Harbor, however, I think the Opera House is a must see considering it is one of Australia’s most recognizable icons. Although this entire area is a huge tourist site, it is something you have to check off during your visit. It is picture-perfect and makes for some great photo opportunities!IMG_7561architecture-1836438_960_720

  1. Bennelong Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant is located right by the Sydney Opera House! Not only is it convenient for when your touring the iconic Opera House (mentioned above) but Bennelong also offers some more amazing viewpoints of the timeless harbor. Almost every wall in this restaurant is a window that overlooks the harbor, it is absolutely breathtaking. I almost forgot I was talking about a restaurant so might I add that is has amazing food as well! Now, I will admit this restaurant is not the cheapest but it is a world renown restaurant and you will not regret paying Bennelong Restaurant and Bar a visit. P.S. Get the chocolate cake!!! Thank me later.IMG_7564

  1. Manly Beach

I bet you are surprised I didn’t list Bondi Beach! Here’s my explanation: I visited the infamous Bondi Beach during my stay in Sydney and I will admit that I was happy I got to visit. However, this was the first beach I visited during my trip and after seeing several other beaches that Australia offers, I would recommend Manly Beach over Bondi. Some reasons I suggest visiting Manly Beach over Bondi is because it is more relaxing. Manly Beach offers a more quiet getaway and does not have as much of a tourist-feel. Bondi is great for being so close to the metropolitan area, however, it is lined with restaurants and tourist shoppes. Also, music is blasting and there is almost always a sea of people. Now, I’m not saying to not visit Bondi at all because this type of atmosphere can be a lot of fun, however, when I visit a beach, I go for relaxation and Manly was just more what I was looking for!ocean-263862_960_720

  1. The Blue Mountains

We took a day tour to visit the Blue Mountains. It was about a two hour drive from Sydney but SO worth the travel time as this site is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is filled with breathtaking and majestic views at every angle. There is also so much history and culture behind the mountains that I found myself learning something new at each information center (there are multiple). The only downside to this beautiful place would be that it is another popular tourist site so expect crowds, especially at the Three Sisters viewpoint. Also, I overheard some tour guides saying that fog can often block the view so be conscious of the weather before you book a tour!australia-2260629_960_720blue-mountains-453021_960_720

  1. Sydney BridgeClimb

This is one for my adventurous followers!! You also read it right— this is a an opportunity to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge! It is an experience of a lifetime and something I am so happy I didn’t talk myself out of— even though I considered being that I am a little scared of heights. I will say the view of Sydney is well worth the climb. If it makes you feel any better, there are also different options or “levels” you can select for which type of climb you want to endure. You can climb to the top for as long as 3.5 hours or you can choose to climb the “sampler” which doesn’t take you to the highest point and only lasts 1.5 hours. They also offer times in between 3.5 and 1.5 for whichever route you prefer. If you can muster up the courage, you won’t regret it!!IMG_7560sydney-993916_960_720

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