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This Lovely Life Travels: Geneva, Switzerland

Top 5 favorite places to visit in:

Geneva, Switzerland


  1. Chateau de Chillon Castle

While in Montreux, one absolutely must pay a visit to the Chateau de Chillon Castle! This castle attracts both tourists and locals alike as it is so charming and beautiful inside and out! This castle is set right on the Geneva Lake and the view is something you have to see for yourself! This is one of those places I believe everyone should explore at least once. Medieval castles like Chateau de Chillon are so fascinating and full of history, culture, as well as myths. I could wander in castles like this for hours! PS: Don’t forget to visit the dungeons!chillon-castle-779972_960_720

  1. Gruyere

Visiting the picture-perfect medieval town of Gruyere was one of my favorite memories from my trip to Switzerland! Walking through this quaint town felt like I was inside of a book. As I’m sure some of you already know, Gruyere is known for their cheese…Another reason to visit, if for nothing else! Fortunately, I was able to embrace every bit of this Switz classic by indulging in a fondue-like dinner where they served a variety of foods to dip in the melted cheese. It was DELICIOUS! This is another place I dream about!





  1. Carouge

Within the town of Geneva lies the bohemian haven of Carouge. This town is unlike any other town I have ever been too. It almost looks as though it could be in a fairytale. It is decorated with Italian architecture and almost every street is lined with craft kiosks, fashion boutiques, bistros and cafes. Another plus side of Carouge is the night club as there are so many trendy bars to visit! If only I had more time! This may be a little town but it has a lot to offer!IMG_9224IMG_9223

  1. Auer Chocolatier

Now if the cheese wasn’t doing it for you and you need another reason to fall in love Switzerland do so for their chocolate! This is another Swiss novelty! I was able to visit multiple chocolatiers during my visit in Geneva but out of all places Auer Chocolatier was most memorable for me. Of course, I could go on and on about their high-quality chocolates, especially there chocolate covered almonds (which are unreal by the way)! However, what really stood out to me was the history behind this little shop. Auer Chocolatier is family-run and has remained family-run since 1939. What I thought was the best part of the whole shop was that although it looks relatively modern, the shop actually sits in its original location…how cool!

  1. Palais des Nations

I took a guided tour of Palais des Nations, which is the European headquarters for the United Nations. This was one of my favorite tours I have ever been on because I was able to learn about the work carried on within this building as it is a center for world diplomacy. It was so interesting to hear of all of the world-leaders that have attended meetings in this remarkable building. I also really enjoyed seeing all of the different artwork that had been donated from all of the world to Palais des Nations over the years. Also, from the lobby you can see an incredible view of the Alps!IMG_9233IMG_9227 IMG_9232IMG_9231

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