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A letter to my love.


As I write this, you are in the playroom with the girls singing Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed while Olivia bangs on the pots and pans and Emmy makes screeching noises at the top of her lungs. Shortly before this, I was in the playroom with the girls, and as you walked in, I rushed out of the room in hopes to get a little time to myself (to shower and then write this post). I realize I probably rush away like this often to do work or tend to the kids and I don’t always say thank you or tell you how much you’re appreciated. But you are– more than you know.

Our lives have become so busy and we are both constantly dividing and conquering. But I want you to know that I notice. I notice everything. Not just the fact that you didn’t throw your water bottle in the recycling bin or put a new toilet paper roll on when it was empty. (Haha)!! But I promise… the little things I whine about are far outnumbered by the sweet and loving things that you do for our family. I notice everything you do that makes you the amazing man that you are.

I notice the way you treat others and how big your heart is.

I notice the way you look at me and smile for no reason.

I notice how you tell me I’m beautiful, even on the days when I am sleep deprived and haven’t showered. (Those are the times it means the most).

I notice the way you love God and how faith is such an important part of your life- something you bring into our lives as a family.

I notice how after a long day of work, you come home and ask me what I want for dinner and never complain or think twice.

I notice how you treat our daughters. I can see your love for them pour from your heart when you look at them. It makes my heart explode.

I notice how much you value your family and upbringing. Your mom always tells the story about how you were a little boy running around the house wearing your red Superman cape. You still have that cape tucked away safe in a drawer- holding dearly onto your childhood memories. And letting your two-year old daughter follow in your footsteps as she flies around the house pretending to be Superman too.

I notice your hard work and dedication to your career. We have some exciting things coming up and you deserve everything that has led you to this point.

I notice your humor. Constantly trying to make me laugh – and usually always succeeding.

I notice your dance moves and how Olivia has inherited them.

I notice how you treat your body and you inspire me every day to be healthier.

I notice your smile. It can change the mood of an entire room. You are so handsome and I cannot believe you are mine. Forever.

I notice how patient you are with me – your sleep deprived, crazy wife that tries to pick fights over the dumbest stuff. Thank you for never entertaining my ridiculousness.

I notice when you sneak up behind me and hug me and nuzzle into my neck. Your love warms my soul.

I notice your encouragement, support and excitement you share in my work- even though you haven’t quite embraced the Instagram husband role and probably never will. That’s ok. Haha

I notice when you work from home if I’ve had a tough day or have too much on my schedule and feel overwhelmed.

I notice your selflessness. Always making sure the girls and I are happy.

I notice your loyalty. This has and will always be one of my favorite qualities of yours.

I notice how you set an example of what love looks like by always treating me well, playing with my hair, giving me a hug and kiss when you get home, and all of the little things in between that teach our daughters to never settle for anything less.

I notice so many more things, and I could truly go on and on forever about how amazing you are but I will end with this… Our daughters are the luckiest little girls in the whole world to have you as their father and we cannot wait to celebrate you this Father’s Day. You deserve so much. Thank you for making the girls and I feel so loved. We notice.

xx, Your Bugg

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