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5 Ways to Make Holiday Photos Less Stressful

gymboree toddler holiday campaign
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It seems like some of the happiest seasons come along with some of the most hectic and stressful times. At some point during the holidays, you may decide to get some family photos taken. To moms, this is supposed to be a fun event. Yet somehow our perfectly curated idea of what the photo should (and most likely won’t) look like plays out in our head. As a photographer, I’ve been on both sides. I’ve come up with my 5 tips to help make this event a little less stressful for all and to minimize the moans and groans from husbands and children.

1. Bring snacks. Snacks are a staple item no matter where we go with our kids. Photoshoots apply. Even better, bring junk snacks. Lots of bribery snacks.

2. Let it go. Cue Elsa from Frozen. But really, let it go. The kids are screaming and tugging at their clothes or at each other, Dad is watching a car drive by because, well a car is driving by. No one is looking at the camera, except Mom. She stands there with a perma smile on her face trying to look as composed as possible in hopes that the photographer won’t run off. Ha! Trust me when I tell you your photographer has seen it all and is used to it. Try to relax and know your children are being normal children during a photo shoot, and Dad just has a hard time following directions. hehe Only kidding. Sort of!

3. Take the time to make yourself feel great. As a mom, doing our hair and makeup often takes last priority. Do not let this be the case on photo day! Make sure you allow some time to get yourself ready that morning or whatever it is to make yourself feel good! Easier said then done when you have children running around, so make sure you have a helping hand with the kids so mom isn’t the last one scrambling out the door. You will be thankful that you took time when you get the photos back. We as women can be are our own worst critics so minimizing the chance to nitpick ourselves means a happier outcome with the photos and holiday card.

4. Be flexible. If the kids want nothing to do with a family photo, then let them run around, snap some candids of them, and choose a Christmas card with a collage style template.

5. Plan ahead. Don’t rush coordinating or you’ll end up looking like the Griswolds. It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and getting your outfits together now. In addition to holiday photos, there are holiday parties. You’ll feel so much better knowing you have the kids outfits taken care of at least.

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gymboree toddler holiday campaign




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