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This Lovely Life Travels: Rome, Italy

5 favorite places to visit in:

Rome, ItalyIMG_7838

  1. La Gelateria Frigidarium

Does it surprise you I would list a dessert shop first? Nope! When in Rome, one MUST try gelato as it is a staple! La Gelateria Frigidarium, in my opinion, has the world’s best gelato. Now obviously that is a bold statement— but I will say I was fortunate enough to try many gelato shops during my stay in Rome and this shop comes in as #1 in my book! This small shop is everything you would expect for a dessert shop in Italy. Although it is tiny, it is easy to spot because of the line that usually wraps around the tiny building. Now, don’t let the wait scare you— this gelato is worth every minute!ice-cream-2576622_960_720

  1. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a must see in Rome if for no other reason than to toss a coin into the water to ensure you’ll be back! It is absolutely magical with some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. This is one of those places I have always seen on TV and in movies so visiting was just so surreal. Although this site brings in a ton of tourists, for once I didn’t mind the crowd because for me it just added to the atmosphere and overall experience. Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself tossing in the coin— just to keep as a little reminder that you have an obligation to come back!

Matt was super jet lagged and we scheduled the Vatican tour right after we landed - probably not a good idea!

Matt was super jet lagged and we scheduled the Vatican tour right after we landed – probably not a good idea! We ended up doing a tour but it took so long that we ended up venturing out on our own


  1. Armando al Pantheon

The. Best. Pasta. This ristorante is located nearly 100 feet from the Pantheon— convenient as that is another must see! It is a quaint family-run restaurant that serves authentic Italian food. Armando al Pantheon gives you a real taste of Italian culture— I mean, it doesn’t get much more Italian than pasta right outside of the Pantheon! I highly recommend and if you do any online research about this restaurant almost everybody else does too! That is why I suggest making a reservation a few weeks (yes, you read that correctly) prior to your visit. With the shop being so small, it is hard to accommodate mass amounts of people so having a reservation will ensure your table.IMG_7836trastevere-2394554_960_720rome-386311_960_720

  1. Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the oldest churches in Rome. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is said to have been built back in the 4th century! The beauty of this tiny church shows you just how extravagant religious architecture in Rome is. From the walls, to the ceiling (and even the floor) of this church are filled with mosaic paintings and stained glass that depict the life lead by the Virgin Mary. The atmosphere is incredible and pours out into the Piazza the church is located around which makes for an all around amazing little side-tour of Rome.santa-maria-in-trastevere-2315745_960_720

  1. Piazza Novana

Yet another one of Rome’s most reputable squares. Piazza Novana is again another tourist site (beginning to think it’s hard to get around tourist sites when in Rome), but it still deserves a visit! There are three fountains found within the piazza and many restaurants that line the area. If you love people watching, this is your place! However, I will warn you that as this is a big tourist site there are many thefts on the prowl. This can be said with any site but be particularly careful as I have heard this is a popular theft spot!fontana-del-moro-485286_960_720

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